Franziska Gonzalez

Franziska Gonzalez

Frequently Asked Questions

We compiled on this page the most frequently asked questions 
Franziska Gonzalez receives.
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1. Is it possible to visit the workshop of Franziska Gonzalez?

No, the workshop is private, it is not possible to visit it except for customers.

2. I would like to buy a painting of Franziska Gonzalez. What is to be done? What is its price?

To buy a painting of Franziska Gonzalez, made a request directly on the site via the "contact" form and you will have an answer in a week.

3. Can I share a picture from the site on Internet?
Of course provided that it corresponds to the mind of its painting and with its agreement so providing the link of the site where the picture will be published. It will also be necessary to mention its name.

4. Can I use one of your pictures for my project?
It is possible according to plan. Apply via the site "painting" for Franziska Gonzalez: via the "contact" form.

5. What are your favorite painters / sources of inspiration?
Jean-Michel Basquiat, Tamara De Lempicka Claude Monet, Alberto VargasFrancoise NiellyPablo Picasso, Henri Matisse , Jackson Pollock , Frida KahloSalvador DalĂ­ ,Edward HopperGeorgia O'Keeffe, Man Ray, Pierre Auguste RenoirMarc ChagallDiego RiveraChristo And Jeanne Claude, Mark Rothko, Tomi Ungerer, Francis Bacon, Olivia De Berardinis, Andy WArhol

6. Does Franziska Listen to music when she paints?

Yes she does. She listen to different styles of music, from Rap to Country and Western. Franziska streams music from amazon music BART Station Playlist

7. I would like to organize an exhibition of pictures of Franziska Gonzalez in (SOMEWHERE) , what is to be done?
As regards exhibitions, the organization of an exhibition is complex. paintings cannot be rolled, they must be transported on stretchers. On the other hand, more the country is far, more the expense of the shipping is expensive, the taxes of custom
houses return ticket are more or less important from a country to the other one but they are always expensive. There is insurance also who are in pro-rata of the value of paintings. But you can apply directly on the site via the "contact" form.  

8. How long takes the realization of a painting?
A picture is accomplished between three and ten days.

9. How do you acquire these fluorescent colors? Where to find canvas, knifes, brushes, pigments?
The fluorescent pigments, brushed, knives, and canvas are sold in establishments specialized for painters and interior decorators whom you will find easily and there is which are available on internet. Franziska Uses http:/ got most art products.

10. .Are you available for a collaboration,?

Franziska Gonzalez is always available for interesting and inventive plans. For any request use the site's "contact" form on