Franziska Gonzalez

Franziska Gonzalez


   I was born and raised in a small town in East Texas, south of Dallas, Now I live in Berkeley, CA.

   Day of the Dead art has been my main focus of art in the past twenty years, starting with Jose Posada to Frida Kahlo, then surrealism of Salvador Dali to realism of Gustave Courbet, learning and growing as an artist moving from Claude Monet to Tamura Yoshiyasu. Swallowing it up.

   My work has been shown in venues including The Bathhouse Cultural Center in Dallas, Texas; The Pickery in New Orleans, Louisianna; 111 Minna St. gallery in San Francisco. In 2017 my brother and I created a series art shows called From Here to There Art and Music in Oakland CA. 

   I work with brush on canvas and multi-media pieces ranging from wall sized Mural installation to Assemblage art as small as a altoid cans and several Art Cars.