Franziska Gonzalez



This is not a typical art and music event!

  • ALL artist are welcome 
  • FREE to enter art show
  • Artist KEEP 100% of their sales

DJ Cosmic Selector and Artist Franziska Gonzalez are siblings that want to share their passions for art and music to support and encourage other artist and musicians to display and sell their work.

BRIX 581 in Oakland has been gracious enough to open its door every 3rd Saturday of the month.

Each exhibition will feature 6 to 10 local visual artist and some of the best of the best bay area DJ’s for a unique combination of vision and sound.

We want create an event that artist and buyers can make connections in a peaceful and open minded space.

Brix 581 is an Oakland based bar / nightclub offering a wide variety of music food and art based events Tuesday, Thursday-Sunday. 

We are close to the heart of Jack London Square and offer something for everyone.


Thursday 9pm - 1am
Friday: 9pm - 2am

Saturday: 9pm - 2am

SundayBrunch : 1pm - 5pm

Sunday Day Parties 3pm -9pm

Cosmic Selector has lived in in the Bay Area for more than 30years and a D.J. and Music Producer just as long. 

Cosmic Selector owns Teknical Funk music, and over the years have held many residences including w/ Opulent Temple, California Dubstep Republic/ Bass Headz, Dose & Tech Support productions to name a few.

Cosmic Selector co-founded Space Children production’s 95′ to 00′ producing many Raves, Massive’s, Festivals, warehouse & free day parties bringing world class talent to the Bay Area.

Cosmic is a Music Producer, Engineer, Composer, DJ, Live Music Performer, Event Producer, Coordinator, Stage Manager, Booking Agent.